Adolescence is a time when children may not want close association publicly with their parents because peer association has become so important to them.  However, we believe that parent volunteers for students in this age group make a significant difference in assisting the children with their growth and development through this emotional time.  Parents are encouraged to participate regularly at the school in classroom activities, during exploratories and as participants in the large group physical education program.  We continually seek ways for all stakeholders in the learning community to be contributing members to the education of our students at HEB.

Through the years, our school has benefited from parent and community volunteers who have generously given their time to help in various aspects of the school.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at the school contact the front office or complete the sign-up sheet that is distributed to parents/guardians at the commencement of the school year.

The following descriptions may help you decide that you may be valuable to the school in a specific area:

Classroom Volunteer:  If you are a volunteer in the classroom you would be assigned to help students on an individual basis, or small group with specific assignments especially in the areas of language arts, math, social, and science and with our exploratory classes.

Classroom Materials Preparation:  Volunteers are needed to assist with classroom material preparation.  This could include photocopyig, laminating, putting up bulletin board displays, and organizing classroom materials.

Coaching:  If you are interested in coaching, or being an assistant coach, for any school sports teams either at the junior (5/6), or the senior (7/8) level, you would receive advice, support, and encouragement from our athletic director / physical education teacher.

Library:  The library has effectively utilized volunteers on an annual basis to assist with student research, sign out collection of library materials, and automate the library resources.

Classroom Fundraisers:  Throughout the year, classes fund-raise in order to raise money for extra-curricular trips.  View our newsletter, or this website, in order to find other opportunities to volunteer.