Badminton Information

Welcome to another badminton season at HEB school!

The schedule is available to view on the athletics calendar page.


Students' year of birth determines what category they belong in. The categories for each age are:

Tyro - Students born in 2013

Novice - Students born in 2012

Junior - Students born in 2011

Intermediate - Students born in 2010


If you have any questions or concerns regarding badminton, please contact Ms. Lynzey Brodziak:

Badminton Districts Information 2024

LSAA Badminton Championships 2024

From: Steven Reid

Date of Competition: Saturday, April 27th

Location: J.A. Williams High School (Bold Center) Lac La Biche, AB.

Tournament Coordinator: All inquiries to this competition are to be directed to:
- Steven Reid - Ecole Plamondon School

Tournament Draw: Draws will be posted at each venue.
- 10-Team/Player Round-Robins (2 Pools of 5).
Top 3 Qualifiers from each Ward will earn a berth
1 Wildcard berth will be awarded (on rotation) - West Ward for 2024

Competition Schedule:
9:15 Warm-ups are available to begin at the venue.

9:30 Players MUST check-in with THEIR SCHOOL’S COACH

9:45 Coaches Meeting
● We can address any questions or clarifications that are required?
● Appeals Committee will be set-up
● Coaches will submit their Scratches Sheet to the host.
● Coaches are responsible to communicate rules/expectations/procedures with their players IN ADVANCE of attending the tournament.

10:00 Competition begins

Competition Information:
a) A summary of Ward Advancers must be submitted to the Tournament Coordinator:
● Steven Reid – EPS by Monday April 22 @9:00AM
● All potential changes to fill a vacant spot in the draw MUST go through their respective Ward Coordinator to ensure that the next highest finisher is offered the spot. Individual schools are not to make substitutions at their level to attempt to fill a vacancy.
b) Scratches made less than 48 hours in advance are subject to a $10 fine.
● Rule adopted by LSAA in 2018
c) All matches at each venue will have a designated match number.
● Matches will be played in numerical order as courts become available
d) Players that do not report to the gymnasium officials within five minutes of being called will forfeit the match in question. (3 calls on the sound system with 1 minute to
report between each).
e) Players will decide “serve or side” at the beginning of the match.
● All Pool Play matches consist of (1) Game to 21 points (must win by min. of 2)
● Playoff Matches will consist of Best 2 of 3 Games (to 21, win by min. of 2)
○ Winner of the 1st Set serves to start Set #2
f) Players will referee their own games.
● Players are responsible for making the call for any shuttles that fall on their side of the court. If difficulties arise, the venue coordinator must be notified immediately. (Marshals are wearing Red LSAA Shirts)
g) Tiebreaks
a. All two-way ties in the round robin will be determined by the result of the match between the two tied players.
b. In a three-way tie, the players will be ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd based first on games won minus games lost in all three of their matches in the round robin and second on points won minus points lost in all three of their matches in the round robin.
c. If there still remains a tie between two teams in games and points, it will revert to head to head between the two tied teams.
h) Dress Code:
● Athletes are asked to compete in a uniform that distinguishes their school. Clothing with offensive language or symbols will not be allowed. Shorts should be worn during play. No hats shall be worn during competition or warm-up. The venue coordinator will instruct player(s) to change if not in compliance with the dress code.
i) Please leave the shuttle on the court. If a new shuttle is required, the old shuttle
must be exchanged for a new shuttle from the site coordinator.
● Yonex Mavis 300 (green band)
j) Warm-ups will be limited to no more than 2 minutes on-court prior to the match.

Age categories:
● Tyro 2013
● Novice 2012
● Junior 2011
● Intermediate 2010
● Senior 2009 (2008 if in Grade 9)

There will be medal presentations to the top 3 finishers in each Age Division/Event Category
● 1st - Gold Medal
● 2nd - Silver Medal
● 3rd - Bronze Medal

Badminton Wards Letter and Information

Dear Parents/Guardians:


RE: Badminton Wards

The LSAA Central Ward Badminton Tournaments are coming up next week and your child has earned a place to compete in this competition with other students from Bonnyville and area schools. 

  • Tyro and Novice players will compete at various schools in Bonnyville on Tuesday, April 16, 2024 between 4-8pm (times may change depending on how fast games are played, players are ready, etc).
  • Junior and Intermediate players will compete at various schools in Bonnyville on Thursday, April 18, 2024 between 4-8pm (times may change depending on how fast games are played, players are ready, etc).


If your child performs well they may get a chance to continue on to play in the LSAA District Badminton Tournament being held in Lac La Biche at the Bold Centre (8702 91 Ave, Lac la Biche, AB), on Saturday, April 27, 2024. 



Depending on the site's availability after school, we may see a schedule like the one listed below; however these are only guidelines and are subject to change.




Planned Age Group(s)


April 16

(Tyro and Novice)


Tyro Boys Singles

Tyro Boys Doubles


Dr. B

Tyro Girls Singles

Tyro Girls Doubles



Tyro Mixed Doubles

Novice Mixed Doubles

Novice Boys Singles



Novice Girls Singles

Novice Girls Doubles

Novice Boys Doubles


Thursday, April 18

(Junior and Intermediate)


Junior Boys Singles

Junior Boys Doubles


Dr. B

Junior Girls Singles

Junior Girls Doubles



Intermediate Boys Singles

Intermediate Boys Doubles



Intermediate Girls Singles

Intermediate Girls Doubles



Intermediate Mixed Doubles

Junior Mixed Doubles

3:30 Warm-ups begin at all venues.

4:00 Meeting for competitors at each site. (Venue coordinators will review the rules and expectations for

competitors specific to each site)

4:15 Competition begins.

****The above scheduled times are approximate****



*** All transportation to Badminton Tournaments is the responsibility of each individual player. PLEASE NOTIFY ASAP IF UNABLE TO ATTEND!

***As coaches will be at various school sites checking in on students, parents are strongly encouraged to stay with their child because games go quickly, and once a player is finished, he or she is free to go home.***



Students are encouraged to wear their blue HEB shirt or their Badminton Shirts (if they have) to the tournaments with black, blue or white shorts and non-marking running shoes.


Other Information

Please keep in mind that athletes and spectators are visitors at their designated school site. Please follow all rules and expectations outlined.

Helping Players Understand the Draw

When players arrive at the venue they should check-in with the host and check out the OFFICIAL POSTED DRAW

  • Find their name and locate their PLAYER NUMBER
    • For example if they are = B3, they are Player #3 in Pool B
  • See what their MATCH NUMBERS are for their assigned player number.
  • For example B3 might be assigned Match #23, #56, #78, etc.
  • Take a look at the format (dependent on number of entries) to see how many players from their pool will qualify for playoffs?

Procedures for Matches

  1. We will call MATCH NUMBERS over the sound system (also posted on the digital score clock at Bold Center). 
  2. When you hear your match number called, report to the SCORE TABLE immediately to pick-up your SCORESHEET
    • If your Match Number is with 18 numbers of being called, your game will likely be called within the next 10 minutes at most. STAY CLOSE
    • You have 1 minute to report or we call your name again…If we make 3 calls and you’re still a no-show you will unfortunately forfeit the match.
  1.   Take the Scorecard and a pencil with you to the court
  2.   Tyro Players should take a scoreboard with them to the court


  1.   POOL GAMES are to 21 (must win by a minimum of 2)
  2.   PLAYOFF GAMES are also to 21 (win by 2) but you play the Best 2 of 3 Sets
  • Winner of the set serves first in the next set.
  1.   Scorecards should be completed out as soon as each Game to 21 is over.
  2.   Tie-Breaker procedures for a 3 way tie will follow ASAA rules . (Sept .2022)

On-Court Issues

  1. Players are responsible to OFFICIATE their own matches
  2. This means that coaches, parents, volunteers, scorekeepers are not to intervene in matches to make calls. It is the players responsibility to call their own game. 
    1. If the shuttle lands on your side of the court…you are expected to make a call of “In” or “Out” (and lift an arm to indicate out)
      • Remember that a shuttle landing on the Line = In
      • It does not matter which direction the shuttle bounces; It is where it first lands!
  1.   Badminton is a game of Sportsmanship and there is an expectation of fair-play, honesty and integrity at play.
  2.   Calling a RE-SERVE should be used sparingly and as an absolute last resort when a peaceful resolution cannot be reached. It is the call of the player on the side where the shuttle lands that should be followed. If neither player could clearly see the result, it is conceivable that a Re-serve is called.
  3.     In your opinion, if a player is not following the rules:
  • First: Talk with them about it in a respectful manner
  • If problems or concerns continue…then notify your opponent that you are stopping the match and contacting a MARSHALL
    • Marshall’s are wearing the Red LSAA Shirts.
    • If you cannot locate a Marshall, go to the Score table.

Players are not permitted to leave the court during play (unless it is to locate the Marshall) to receive coaching, take water breaks, etc.

Parents/Teammates are not to be coaching, correcting, or officiating during play. All spectators must be as quiet as possible during gameplay to allow players to focus on gameplay.


Advancing to LSAA Championships

  1. Top 3 Finishers today will qualify for LSAA District Championships
  2. Each Ward will submit 3 qualifiers per category who move on to Districts competition. District Host gets 1 extra qualifier. This brings 10 players per category for Districts tournament.
  • If you Finish Top 3 but CANNOT ATTEND you must let your coach know!!


Thank you for your continued commitment to our extra-curricular program.  If you have any questions, please contact the school at 826-3323 or contact your child’s coach.




Kerri German - Tyro Coach

Lynzey Brodziak - Novice Coach and Athletic Director

Melissa Jacob - Junior Coach

Diane Ross - Intermediate Coach

Badminton Districts

Here are some pictures of the student athletes this past weekend at districts in Lac La Biche. Congratulations to all the students for making it to districts and to the winners! You ROK!