Bear Clubs


BEAR CLUBS 2022/2023

Everyday after school from 3:20-4:20 we will have a different Bear Club in our Learning Commons! Join us for a variety of different activities with our Student Leaders and Mrs. Eide for a fun way to spend some time afterschool.

MONDAY: Lego Club

TUESDAY:  Games Club


THURSDAY: Crochet Club

FRIDAY: 3-D Printing Club

Lego Club

Join us on Mondays to use your imagination and expert building skills to join us at creating the tallest tower, different vehicles, houses and more! We will also have monthly and seasonal themes throughout the year!

Games Club

Join us on Tuesdays for an afternoon of board games! We have many different games to choose from including board games, card games and puzzles. Bring your friends to see who can twist themselves around in Twister or who can figure out whodunit during a game of Clue! 

Mrs. Eide would also love your suggestions on what games you would like to play so she can add them to the Learning Commons!!

Art Club

We are going to create different kinds of art on Wednesday during Art Club!!

Some of the things you can look forward to in this club are:

  • Jewelry Making
  • Origami
  • Diamond Stickers
  • Drawing
  • Sticker Making
  • Collages
  • Clay Art
  • Perler Beads

Crochet Club

Thursdays we will be learning how to Crochet! We will be starting with a few basic stitches to get going. Hopefully as we progress throughout the year we will be crocheting lots of fun different things!

Do you know how to crochet already? Mrs. Eide would love your help with this club!!!

3D Printing Club

Fridays we will be designing 3D objects using Tinkercad! Bring a Chromebook with you for this club and see what kind of fun things you can create!

Mrs. Eide will be printing some of the things you create in Tinkercad,  but we will have to limit it to one item per student so everyone has a chance to have something printed.