Teachers at H.E. Bourgoin follow the Programs of Study put out by our provincial government.  To refer to the guidelines that the teachers follow, please choose the appropriate literature for your child's grade below.

Enhancement and Enrichment (labelled E2 on your child's schedule) will be taught for 3 blocks over a 5 day cycle, starting in the middle of October.  This program has a delayed start, mid-October, so that our grade level teams can have time to assess what is the best fit for each student's academic needs.   All students in grades 5 through 8 will be scheduled by their teachers into one of the following sections:  Literacy Enhancement; Study Skills Strategies; Mathematics Enrichment; Concert Band; French Language and Culture; or Ukranian Language and Culture.  ​


2018-2019 Grade 5 Course Outline

2018-2019 Grade 6 Course Outline


Additional Curriculum Resources:

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