Our library is a “Portal to Possibilities”.  This ever evolving space is a place of Quiet, Calm and Respect filled with resources to enhance student learning.  During school hours students are welcomed in to do school work, read, volunteer or just enjoy the atmosphere.

After school hours, there are still resources available!  Visit, user ID: LA41, Password: 8088.  N.L.P.S. subscribes to numerous electronic resources including current events, encyclopedia’s, databases … These are all available from this site.  Wondering if our Library has a book?  Visit our  OPAC to search.

Has your child share information on Accelerated Reader with you?  It is one of many tools used school-wide, to strengthen literacy skills.  AR PARENT GUIDE will provide you with complete information.  AR BOOKFINDER enables you and your child to search for information on books at home.  Use the Keycode KK551147 to see what is available in our school library.  And one final visit to Homeconnect will give you a direct connection to your child’s activities within the AR program.  See exactly how they are progressing towards their personal AR Goal.  You can even sign up for email notifications!

Thank you to our dedicated volunteers and corporate sponsors who support our efforts to grow. Every effort is appreciated, we couldn't do it without you.  

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