Scenario 1: In-school classes

All students, staff and visitors are required to complete the COVID-19 Alberta Health Daily Checklist before coming to school each day and follow the direction provided in the document if they answer "Yes" to any of the questions.


HEB Bear Wear!

Posted on Sep. 13, 2021

Parents of grade 5 HEB students are able to go onto the following link to select a shirt for your child! These shirts are provided without cost as a welcome to our school for your child! Order Deadline…

World Suicide Prevention Day is September 10.

Posted on Sep. 10, 2021

World Suicide Prevention Day is September 10.The 2021 theme for WSPD is "Creating Hope Through Action" which is what we strive for at HEB through our "Pathways to Hope" partnership and in our actions…

Scholastic Monthly Book Club

Posted on Sep. 8, 2021

SCHOLASTIC BOOK CLUB: It's back, It's different!  Information, class code and instructions on how to order are all available here Every purchase helps our school library. 24 pages of welcome back books!…

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