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H.E. Bourgoin Middle School - Respect Opportunities Kindness Safety


H.E. Bourgoin Middle School

  • is committed to young adolescents
  • has a shared vision
  • has high expectations for all
  • believes in an adult advocate for every student
  • has family and community partnership
  • has a positive school climate

Therefore, H.E. Bourgoin Middle School provides

  • a curriculum that is challenging, integrative and exploratory
  • varied teaching and learning approaches
  • assessment and evaluation that promotes learning
  • flexible organizational structures
  • programs and policies that foster a healthy, safe and caring community
  • comprehensive guidance, counselling and support services
  • a strong moral and ethical foundation for students


Mrs. Tracy Casselman - Principal

Mrs. Nicole Yadlowsky - Assistant Principal


ROK became a part of HEB school culture in the 2021-2022 school year and we continue to build on the principles of:





Respect, Excellence, Empathy and Integrity


Value Statements:

  • LIFELONG LEARNING -- the love and skills of learning;
  • CARING -- concern and understanding of others; being empathetic;
  • RESPECT -- treat others with esteem and be worthy of esteem;
  • DIFFERENCE -- respect differences
  • RESPONSIBILITY -- dependable and accountable;
  • HARDWORK -- never giving up on yourself or others;
  • DEDICATION -- committed to excellence;
  • DETERMINATION -- resolute and focused to do well;
  • COOPERATION -- willing to work together to accomplish common goals;
  • TRUST -- to be able to rely and believe in, and to be relied and believed;
  • EMPATHY -- to understand what another is feeling and/or thinking;
  • CREATIVITY -- curiosity, openness, and innovation;
  • OPENNESS -- to encourage and accept different ideas, and different ways of doing things;
  • INTEGRITY -- being honest and having strong moral principles