Academic Options

Grade 7/8

Grade 7/8 (Day 1 & 4 - Block 5) - Yearlong course to provide academic enrichment

Ms. Bucyk


Have you ever wanted to learn how to play an instrument? You will have the choice of learning the flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone, or percussion in Band. This group will perform several times throughout the year including festivals and concerts. No previous music experience is required, this option is open to students who both have and haven’t taken band before.

Fee: $75

Mrs. Baehler


Language learning can and will be fun in our classroom. We will focus on vocabulary acquisition of oral and written French through games, group activities and even drama.

Mr. Godziuk


Primary focus is on oral and written vocabulary attainment.  The history of Ukraine, Ukrainian immigration to Canada, Ukrainian cultural traditions, Ukrainian crafts, and Ukrainian cuisine will also be studied.

Mr. Caddy


We will be having guest speakers discussing their occupations and how they came to be in the field they are in. We will also be introducing and writing resumes to apply to potential employers. Interview skills will also be taught and a mock interview will be completed. A project where students will research 3 potential careers and the path to those careers will be completed as well.

Ms. Olson

Indigenous Novel Study

Come learn about Ojibway language and culture through the study of the book “Indian Horse”. Students will also be able to compare/contrast the film with the novel, and will have the opportunity to represent Ojibway art. 

Mrs. Chick


Do you like to talk and argue?  Do you want people to listen and understand you?  Then this Academic Option is for you.  

Mrs. Huntley


Who is the next Elon Musk at HEB? Want to learn how to start and run a business at school? Entrepreneurship involves learning how to market, advertise, budget, handle money, produce a product, and work as a team towards a shared goal. This class is student directed- which means you determine your product and make it and sell it!