All students will be offered six exploratory options in a school year: which means two exploratories per term (one 60 minute exploratory, and one 90 minute exploratory per week). A letter will be sent home to students at the beginning of each term detailing the exploratories available.   Students will sign up for the options of their choice each term, dependent on space availability. Order of students selecting their exploratories will be changed each term, to ensure that choices of exploratories are fair.

Aboriginal Education

Interested in learning more about another culture through hands-on activities.  Through art, food, video’s and guest speakers you will reinforce your knowledge of the Aboriginal culture in a fun environment


Babysitting / Caregiving is a course designed to introduce students to the responsibility of being a caregiver.  Students learn what the different needs of children are, how to deal with and handle first aid, sarety, and emergency situations.  Guest speakers are invited to give presentations and hold discussions with the students.  Included as well are sessions on food and play.  HEB Babysitting certificates are given to students upon completion of the course. 

Supplies: Duo tang, pencil

Note: Priority will be given to grade 6 students


Students who are not already in band for E2 (Enhancement and Enrichment) are invited to sign up for this exploratory.  This will give the students the opportunity to learn about the instruments used and give them a try prior to the next school year.

Board Games

Do you enjoy challenging yourself and others to a variety of board games?  Join us and discover some new games and activities.  You will also get the opportunity to create your own unique game.

Bucket Fillers (Leadership)


City Planning

This exploratory focuses on the idea of urban planning.  You will have the opportunity to express your views and gain an understanding of how planning is linked to your daily lives and the future of your communities.  You will plan and design your own city after studying our own community.  How well does the neighbourhood work?  Is the neighbourhood made up of land uses, buildings and people that are very similar, very different, or is there a balance?  Does this help the neighbourhood work well, or does it cause problems?


Through the use of technology, students will investigate and solve problems, assess information, create presentations, manipulate data and understand the nature of various technological components.  Programs used are: Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Internet Explorer and Chrome.

Supplies: duo tang, pencil

Crafting with a hint of Art

In this exploratory, students will be involved in creating works of art and craft projects relating to the season and special days of each term such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s / Father’s Day, Easter, Aboriginal Day, etc.  Students will have the opportunity to use such art and crafting materials as plastic canvas, looms, yarn, needles, ripped paper paper mache, wood, acrylic paints, water colour, oil pastels and more.

Cross Stitch

Destination Imagination

Digital Recording Techniques

Exploring the Artist in You

Students will have barrels of fun being creative and using their imagination to the fullest!  Creative expressions and personal style will be the result of numerous pieces of individualized artwork.  Students will be exploring many types of art and will be working with various tools such as art/color pencils, oil/chalk pastels, coloured construction paper, cloth, paints, glue, brushes, etc.  Students may have the opportunity to explore the work of local artists, learning their techniques and style as we will invite them to be a special guest in our classroom.

Film Study

Movies are great, but have you ever really looked at a movie?  In this exploratory students will look at a variety of movie genres and the elements that create a great movie.  We will also compare remakes with their originals.

Foods-Entrees and More

The focus will be on nutrition and healthy choices. Students will explore healthy alternatives while in the kitchen, that can easily be applied to life at home.   Meal planning for breakfast, lunch and supper will be explored.

Supplies: duo tang

Foods-Quick Bites

The focus will be on nutrition and healthy choices. Students will explore healthy alternatives while in the kitchen that can be easily applied to life at home.  Appetizers, snacks and quick treats are the focus.

Supplies: duo tang

Get Fit

Do you like being active?  Students will participate in activities and exercised to encourage them to get enough daily activity.  Students may experience yoga, Zumba, weight training and cardio activities.

Supplies; change of clothes (shorts / t-shirt), gym shoes, water bottle

Graphic Design

In this course, students will have the opportunity of creating graphic designs by hand and by using various computer programs.   They will be introduced to vinyl cutting and learn techniques for drawing as well as how to make a t-shirts transfer.

Supplies: pencil, 4GB memory stick.  Students will need to provide their own cotton t-shirt if they wish to use their t-shirt design – they will be provided with the transfer for one t-shirt – if they wish to print more than this, then there will be a cost of $5 to cover the expenses of the transfer and additional ink


I On the Artist

This exploratory allows students to learn about various famous artists (classical as well as modern), and to replicate artwork in the fashion of that specific artist.  Each class will highlight the creativity of the student as they work to re-create particular art while exploring their own artistic personalities.  The class project will include a presentation where students will be able to showcase their work.

I Movie

Jewelry Making

Learn to Sew

Through a variety of projects, the students will learn to use the sewing machine.  No previous knowledge or experience is necessary.  Students work at own pace, and acquire skills as work proceeds.  The students will learn basic life skills: mending a rep or tear, sewing on a button, ironing a shirt, and possible hemming pants.  Project work at the level may include a potholder (strip piece quilting) a pincushion (sewing on buttons), a fabric bag (lean-finishing) and season related work (Christmas ornament or stocking, Halloween puppet, etc.).  All materials are supplied unless a student expresses an interest for a special fabric or project, and then it will be his/her responsibility to purchase the supplies.

Supplies: stitch 9seam) ripper, hand sewing needles, pins, pin cushion.

Make a Difference

Make a difference in your school environment by joining the “Bucket Filling” team. Each one of us has an invisible bucket.   It is constantly emptied or filled, depending on what others say or do to us.  Learn to create a bucket filling school by increasing kindness, respect, and courtesy.  You will be in charge of creating bulletin board displays, preparing and presenting “Bucket Filling” activities at assemblies and encouraging all H.E. B. students to take the daily pledge to be a “Bucket Filler”.

Math Maniacs

Music Videos

Students will be learning how to do each part of making music videos.  They will be taping, editing, choreographing, picking appropriate music and having a lot of fun.  They will learn how to use a variety of different pieces of technology in this exploratory.

Oh The Places You'll Go

Plasticine Art Storyboard

This exploratory will strengthen both writing and art skills.  Students will create a Barbara Reid inspired short story picture book using plasticine to sculpt the scenes.  Barbara Reid’s books will be studied and used to help students design their own scenes using a variety of tools and techniques.  They will also write a story to accompany their art.

Recording Techniques

Remembrance Day Assembly/Christmas Concert

The students in this class will explore and participate in dramatic performance skills.  They will help create and perform in the Remembrance Day Assembly and Christmas Concert.



Students will be exploring rules, techniques and skills required to enjoy the game of softball.  Teamwork and fair play are key components of softball.

Supplies: Baseball glove.

Spring Play

Students will take part in the Spring Play.  This is a major event held at the Lyle Victor Albert Centre and students will be required to take part in performances held. The play will be taking place before Spring Break, consisting of two evening performances and daytime performances.  Note:  during evening performances ticket purchase ($5.00 / person excluding students taking part in the play) and parent transportation will be necessary.

Note:  some costumes will be required


Variety Show

Students in this option will take part in the end of the year Variety Show.  Students will choose to sing, dance, play an instrument, or create a skit in small groups for the show. Classes will involve creating backdrops, props, and rehearsal time for each act.

Winter Sports

Students will participate in outdoor activities such as snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, curling, ice-skating, broomball and various outdoor winter games.

Supplies: winter jackets, snow pants, winter boots, gloves / mitts, toques, skates, and helmet