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All staff, students and visitors are required to complete the Daily Self-Screening for COVID-19. Individuals who answer No to all of the questions may attend school. Individuals who answer Yes to any of the questions may not enter the school, and should immediately self-isolate and use the AHS Online Assessment Tool or call 811 for further direction.

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Duclos-HEB Fundraising Foundation AGM

Please join us in person at the Duclos H. E. Bourgoin Support Group Foundation Annual General Meeting and Board Elections at Duclos School Gymnasium, 6:30 pm on October 20, 2020. Refreshments will be provided. There is also an option to attend virtually upon request - please EMAIL for information on how to connect with us.

You can check out the AGENDA to see what we will be discussing.

What is the Fundraising Foundation?

The Duclos - H.E. Bourgoin (HEB) Support Group Foundation is the Fundraising Foundation for both Duclos and HEB. It is a non-profit organization operated by volunteers to raise and distribute funds to enhance the educational experience of the students. Duclos and H.E.B. share a gaming licence with AGLC to allow for fundraising through raffles and gaming in addition to being able to access grants and accept donations.

The Foundation has an Executive and interacts with the schools and school councils through 2 sub-committees: the Duclos Sub-committee and the HEB Sub-Committee. Each Sub-committee does their own fundraising, has their own bank accounts, and motions purchases for their individual schools.

This year $14,000 was raised from working our allotted casino, and $2000 from running two raffles. We were also able secure a M.D. of Bonnyville Community Action Grant worth $25,000 to repay a loan for the Duclos inclusive playground installation.

Fundraising Highlights from the 2019-2020 School Year:

  • Covered the costs of transportation for students from Duclos and HEB to Kinosoo Ridge
  • Provided musical instruments to support the band program at HEB
  • Supported the HEB Accelerated Reading (AR) program rewards
  • Provided staff and bus driver appreciation
  • Supplied thermal blankets for Duclos school emergency kits

Who can be a member of the Foundation?

Although the majority of members are parents or guardians of students at either or both schools, any person having a vested interest in the education and wellbeing of Duclos and/or HEB students, being 18 years of age and residing in Alberta can be a member of the Foundation. The support and participation of parents and community members is vital to achieving the ongoing enhancement of our student’s education.


AGM Board Elections

At the AGM an Executive Board is elected for the year. The positions up for election for the 2020/2021 term are: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The board can also have up to three Directors, appointed or elected.  The Foundation will also be seeking a Casino chair and a Raffle chair.  Nominations for all positions will be taken at the AGM.  Members in attendance are eligible for election and voting. 

If you would like more information about the board positions or to express an interest in participating, please EMAIL or call the current President Chris Keil for more information. His phone number was included in the information that was sent to parents on Wednesday, October 7.


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