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HEB Therapy Dog

Dear parents and guardians,

The staff at H E Bourgoin school are excited to share that we will be bringing a Therapy Dog into the school as part of our counseling program.

Research has shown that Therapy Dogs help support social emotional wellness, increase social skills and build self-esteem (among other things) in children and adolescents. Our Therapy dog, Maisie, has been trained and evaluated to meet certain criteria that qualify her to work in this capacity, and we feel that she will be an invaluable asset to the school community.

We understand this information may be important to you if your child has been diagnosed with any allergies to dogs or if your child is fearful of dogs. Please let us know if either of these issues are a concern for your child. Also, please note that school personnel will remain vigilant to ensure that all school buildings continue to be adequately cleaned and ventilated.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school. We look forward to sharing the benefits of animal assisted wellness with all of our HEB students!


Ms. Dani Angell

Student Advocacy Counselor

Mrs. Jeannine Ellis



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